Friday, April 02, 2004

Hi everybody!!!I will tell you about my experiences in the fines city of america, La Jolla.
I arrived to this city 3 months ago, and it was shocking, I came from Girona (Spain), there life was kind of easy, you have everything in the right place, you know the place, basically. here, everything is so different, it is impossible to describe. the first thing that strucks you are the freeways, there are hundreds of cars running in freeways going to nowhere, no wonder why the gas prices are so high!!!
Whatever, here I am, I had to rent an ultraexpensive apartment because I had to live quite close to my workplace, so you had to pay that, besides in these cities you need a car, and there is no other option whatsoever, isn't that weird, it is.
Now, I am quite well, I have managed to get everything ready and the only thing that I miss is my wife, Isolda. She is still in Spain and there are reasonable possibilities that will remain there for some textra time, anyways.
At the workplace i am quite busy, I have put me in a full week schedule and this is the way how I try to forget all that I left behind me and I try to focus on my job.

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